Lacy from Laramie

Lacy from Laramie
by Nora Nolan

My review:

I’ve read every book Nora Nolan has written that has anything to do with Big Rock in Wyoming Territory of the mid-1880s, and I enjoyed all of them. I’d have to say that “Lacy from Laramie” is definitely one of my favorites.  You need not to have read any other book by the author in order to enjoy this one. I thought it was well-written. I also appreciated the research the author clearly dead about details regarding the settings, means of travel and daily life.

Lacy is brought to town to meet Emmet with hopes of them marrying because she has because the target of gossips in her hometown. Scandal was forcing her to marry somebody else, and then an even bigger scandal interrupted. Emmett is the handsome, well-liked blacksmith in Big Rock. Because of the shortage of eligible women in the area, he is single. He is not judgmental. He cares about the future, not the past.  From the moment they meet at the Stagecoach stop, they’re intensely attracted to one another. Emmett is honest and charming. For example, it was great when at one point Lacy expresses concern that she is wearing something he would consider immodest, and he laughs and reassures her, “You’re supposed to be immodest with me. I dearly, fervently, earnestly, and intensely beg you to please be immodest with me.”  I liked Lacy’s character – she’s willing to take chances and put herself outside her comfort zone, while still being a sweet and kind person.

There are a lot of great secondary characters in this story, especially Lacy’s mother, Amelia, and Emmett’s uncle, Gann. If you’re familiar with other books in the series, then you’ll recognize several other characters as well as Emmett.  There is a good amount of humor in this story, some poignant emotion, mystery, intrigue, hot passion, a little domestic discipline, unexpected surprises, and a really excellent ending.

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