Bossy Grump

Bossy Grump
by Nicole Snow

My review:

Whenever you read a book written by Nicole Snow, you just know it’s going to be terrific. Every. Single. Time. “Bossy Grump” absolutely fits that description. It’s one of those books where you simultaneously can’t wait to see how it ends and also don’t want it to end because you’re enjoying the journey so much.

Paige is smart, beautiful and talented. Triple threat, right? Not in her own eyes. She has wildly successful, famous cousins who could make anybody feel insignificant by comparison, even though they’re good people. Paige is also lacking in self-confidence because of a terrible ex – I wanted to choke him twice while reading this story. She is a sculptor who loves art even though it’s a tough way to make a living. Paige manages to get a job as an executive assistant to an architect she idolizes because of that woman’s artistic sensibilities. She will also be the EA for that woman’s 2 grandsons … the older of which is the bossy grump himself.  Ward is gorgeous and obnoxious, judgmental and unyielding, cold-hearted and relentless in pursuit of his goals. To say Paige and Ward get off to a bad start would be a huge understatement.

I don’t want to write much about the plot because I don’t want to give even a hint of a spoiler. I do want to tell you that this book is written in this author’s unique style which grips you in the immediacy of the moment. Presenting the story in a dual POV adds to that effect. Nicole Snow pulls you into the motion and the emotion of the story. You can feel the intensity and the breathlessness rise as the book progresses. The dialogue is witty and there are times you’ll find yourself laughing out loud. The passion is hot enough to make steam rise from your e-reader. Character development is such an important factor in a book truly being wonderful, and in this story it’s really top notch. There is so much more to the grouchy “Warden” than the face he shows to the world. (Swoon alert).

If you’ve read other books by this author, you’ll get a kick out of the clever references to some of those that are scattered throughout this book.  They are like little hidden gems! I thought the epilogue was terrific, and I am really hoping we hear more about Ward’s brother Nick. Fingers crossed!

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