Xtreme Behavior

Xtreme Behavior
by Em Petrova

My review:

“Xtreme Behavior” is book number 3 in the Xtreme Ops series by Em Petrova. They are interconnected stand-alones and they all have a few things in common – great characters, fast-paced action, and enough sizzling hot chemistry to melt some Alaskan tundra. The camaraderie of the special forces teammates has a very natural feel to it.

Vivian is a petite, tough as nails and beautiful K-9 handler whose biggest fear is not catching every dangerous threat she and her partner, German Shepherd Zack, possibly can.  Alix is an intense Special Operative with phenomenal skills and all kinds of characteristics that Vivian finds incredibly attractive. When he is irritated with her, Vivian thinks, “He sounded like somebody peed in the bowl of nuts and bolts he must grind up for breakfast every morning instead of cereal.”  After the covert closet encounter that takes place between them, Vivian and Alix try to fight the attraction … and I’m not spilling any secrets when I say that is one mission they both fail at spectacularly.

I really enjoyed this book so much! It had an excellent plot with a good amount of suspense and drama, nicely balance by humorous moments. The authors seamless writing style kept me engaged from start to finish. I was actually sorry when it ended because I really wanted to read more about Vivian and Alix, and even Zack.

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