Stormy’s Love

Stormy’s Love
by Tess Matthews

Release Date: Available Now

My review:

“Stormy’s Love” is essentially a story about second chances, never giving up, and the ability of the human spirit to rise above all obstacles. Stormy was a child of neglect whose father massively betrayed her. She runs away from the only home she knows and struggles to survive. Eventually she ends up with no alternative but to work as a saloon girl. Finally, she get a break and trains as a doctor’s assistant. I don’t want to give away too much of the story, but she ends up moving to accept a job working in a different town for Dr. Tucker Anderson. He is a grouchy young widower, plagued by remorse and guilt over the death of his first wife. Unexpected circumstances lead to a quick marriage of convenience between Stormy and Tucker. They are total strangers each hiding things about their past, so as the reader you’re well aware that it’s not going to be easy going for them.

There is a lot of fast-paced action in this story, danger and suspense, and many interesting secondary characters. As the story progresses, the lead characters discover new things about themselves. They also find themselves developing a strong emotional bond. There are several instances of domestic discipline. The author does a good job helping us understand why Tucker is so very protective of Stormy, and why she welcomes the physical manifestations of his concern. It’s an emotional thing far more then it is some means of sexual gratification. One of the things that made this book very interesting is that she’s very much not a typical, traditionally innocent heroine, although at the same time she is definitely an innocent person. If you read the book you’ll understand what I mean.

I thought this book was well-written and entertaining. I hope there might be another book coming about the Sheriff and the wild girl from the Hills, both of whom were characters I really want to learn more about.

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