Dark Angel

Dark Angel (book 4 in the Gentlemen of the Order series)
by Adele Clee

Release Date: March 22, 2021

My review:

“He was the book, and she could read this particular page.”

“Dark Angel” is the 4th book in the Gentlemen of the Order series by Adele Clee. As an author, she is incredibly skilled at blending together mystery, mayhem, friendship, passion, and a plethora of emotion to create books that captivate you from the very beginning and keep your attention right down to the end.  If you’re at all familiar with this series, you’ll definitely remember quiet, dangerous enquiry agent Dante D’Angelo. As he works for the Order, he’s also been trying to figure out the identity of the men who murdered his beloved parents right in front of him when he was a child. Dante suddenly finds himself paired with Beatrice Sands, the first female agent for the Order. Her own father was an enquiry agent and was killed in same attack as Dante’s parents. Beatrice is an independent young woman who does things in her own way, unconventional though it may be. She is also determined to solve the crime. Beatrice immediately understands Dante in ways that even his closest friends never have.

When Dante and Beatrice first meet there is definitely physical attraction between them, but they both realize that they must try to keep things professional. The more they interact during their work together, the more their friendship and compassion for one another grow, and the more the physical attraction grows as well. As they unravel the crime, they also unravel and expose to one another their own fears and motivations, nightmares and secret dreams. The dialogue and banter between them is excellent. You may want to have a tissue or two close at hand while you share the perilous journey Dante and Beatrice embark upon, and find out if they can manage to ever have an HEA.

Characters from the other books in the series appear in this one, although you need not have read those books in order to really enjoy this one.  Apparently, a new Ladies of the Order series is starting. Hopefully the Gentlemen will make some appearances in the new series, because it would almost be a crime to never hear from them again.

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