To win a highland scot

To win a highland scot
by Tamara Gill

My review:

“To Win a Highland Scot” is book 3 in the Time-Traveler’s Highland Love series by Tamara Gill. They are interconnected stand-alone stories, and you do not need to have read the prior ones in order to enjoy this one.  The characters from the previous books are mentioned in this one, and 2 of them actually appear in the story.

Boyd, the hero, is the strong and stoic Laird of his clan in the 15th century. For complicated reasons, his wife was stolen from him and he was cursed with immortality by a vengeful fairy Queen.  Maya, a 21st century woman working at a castle in Scotland that offers tours to the public, ends up transported back through time right into the same castle, but when Boyd had dominion over it.  She is very much a modern woman, but she is but beguiled by history – especially that of the castle where she works. When Maya meets Boyd, his wife has already been gone for a century.  I’m not going to write much about the story itself because I always avoid giving spoilers. Especially with a story this carefully constructed, I think it’s best to let the author unfold it for you.

will tell you that this story pulled me in right from the prologue. The characters were excellent and well-defined, and the chemistry between them was sizzling. There were some very funny moments when the gender norms of the times for the lead characters clash. I think the author did an excellent job weaving together a lot of different elements into an entertaining tapestry of emotions. This is not a quick read; This is a book to meet when you really have time to focus on and think about what is happening in it.

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