Just Curious

Just Curious
by Ariella Talix

My review:

“The heart has an infinite capacity for love, and there are different kinds of love we feel, you know.”

I have read and enjoyed other books by Ariella Talix, so when I saw the blurb with this book I was very curious as to how she would handle such a potentially tricky subject as an MMF relationship. I shouldn’t be surprised to have found out that she handled it extremely well. The 3 lead characters – Jackson, Casey and Willa – are all successful, well-adjusted people, each in their own right. It’s nice to see a female lead who is this successful millionaire on her own, by the way. It helps to make them all on somewhat of an equal footing in the relationship because nobody is depended on somebody else financially.

There is a solid plot that is really interesting, not just an excuse for steamy scenes.  The plot involves a literary con artist and a criminal computer hacker who have targeted Willa, and end up affecting the men as well. At times the story is extremely suspenseful. There are fun scenes in the book the take great advantage of the huge amounts of money and vast connections attributed to the characters. After all, what’s the fun of creating wildly successful and interesting lead characters if you’re not going to let them indulge accordingly?

I very much liked that the lead characters behave like actual adults. They rationally deal with moments of jealousy or insecurity, want the best for each other, and always treat one another with loving care and thoughtful consideration.  There are some very good secondary characters who add depth to the book at key points. I liked how the parents of the men are not depicted as shallow-minded people. Low key references to characters in other books by the author are fun, as is the subtle humor scattered throughout the story. The apologue is well-done and gives a nice window into the future of the lead characters. Overall, if you’re willing to be a little open-minded about non-standard types of relationships, then I think you’ll really enjoy this book.

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