Call Me Crazy

Call Me Crazy
by Melanie Harlow

My review:

“Call Me Crazy” is book 3 in the Bellamy Creek series by Melanie Harlow.  This series are interconnected stand-alone stories, so you need not have read the others in order to enjoy this one. And, I think you will really enjoy this one just as much as the others. It’s a well-written, enemies-to-lovers, marriage of convenience experience that will make you laugh, warm your heart, break your heart and leave you smiling and sniffing.

Enzo is a guy who enjoys the work he does in his family’s construction business, and also enjoys his bachelor lifestyle. He’s facing a deadline to get married that is looming closer and closer, or he’s not going to be awarded control of the company when his father retires. Bianca is someone he’s known pretty much his whole life,  so when she has a crazy idea about how she could help him while he helps her with a big crisis situation of her own, it makes sense to him … despite the fact that the 2 of them don’t get along.  The development of their relationship is simply wonderful and wonderfully complex.

This book is memorable because of all the emotions; The author successfully draws us into the hearts and minds of the characters she creates. Her characters don’t feel like creations of imagination being presented to us in a work of fiction. No. She makes it feel like you’re getting a front-row perspective on something that is happening. All of the emotions get heightened as you’re carried along on the journey. The sometimes boisterous array of secondary characters in this book add not only to the storyline, but also to the emotional impact of the struggles Enzo and Bianca navigate separately and together. Oh, and have a couple of tissues handy for the book and for the extended epilogue.

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