Hot Stuff

Hot Stuff
by Max Monroe

My review:

If you read “Romeo Seeking Juliet” then, like me, you probably had your fingers crossed that Garrett would soon have his story told. Well, that day has come!  “Hot Stuff” is a hot read that starts out with a slow burn, and when it ignites, the combustible connection between the lead characters cannot be contained. I finished this book quickly because it was so well-written. It was a smooth, easy read, and the story was wonderfully entertaining.

Garrett is a divorced dad who is devoted to his 12-year-old twins. His career as a highly skilled firefighter causes him to have a difficult work schedule, but he manages to do everything in his life with intense focus. Lauren is a talented woman of great focus as well, having been dedicated to establishing her career as a doctor. From the moment they meet at his annual physical, these 2 characters are brilliant together. I don’t like to give much detail in terms of plot, especially with a story like this one, because I believe part of the experience of enjoying a novel is found in the pleasure of letting it unfold across the pages as the author, (or in this case, the authors), intended.  I will tell you that this book made wheeze and snort with laughter. One of my teenagers actually looked at me while I was reading and asked, “Mom, what’s wrong with you?” before slowly backing away and shaking his head with that facial expression that says, “Moms are so weird.” Well, when you read this book don’t say I didn’t warn you so that you could take  measures to minimize your own potential embarrassment!

We get to experience the relationship between Garrett and Lauren from dual POV, which is always the best way to understand motivations and emotions as they navigate through a minefield of complications.  Within the wonderful cocoon of this romantic comedy, both of these main characters wrestle with issues of personal growth and change. There are so many great secondary characters and situations adding even more dimension to this book – twin kids, stressed sisters, his best friend, her father, co-workers, natural disasters, an ex-wife, new friends, and Fat Frank, an unexpected and memorable guy. The ending was really good. The epilogue was great. And get your hands on the extended epilogue … which now has me eagerly awaiting the next book!

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