Brit vs. Scott

Brit vs. Scott
by Anna Durand

My review:

This book is a wild romp featuring characters from 3 different series this author has created – ‘Hot Scots’, ‘Hot Brits’, and ‘Au Natural’.  You need not have read those books, but if you have, it’s fun to see so many of the characters in them mentioned here. ‘Here’ is the nudist resort Alex chose as the location of the week-long series of events that will lead up to his wedding to Catriona. Alec was recently reunited with his Grey, and met Grey’s best friend, Jessica.

Grey and Jessica have been best friends for a long time, and made an attempt at crossing the line into a romantic relationship a couple of years prior … to say it did not go well would be an understatement.  Domhnall, her most recent ex, is also a guest at the wedding. Grey wants to give a romance between him and Jessica another try, and Domhnall wants to win her back. Jessica is smart but woefully conflicted; She love grace so much that she’s afraid to lose him as her best friend an attempted romance between them ends badly. Grey is handsome but he is a computer nerd –  and not very self-confident. His smart nerdiness was awesome. When he growls statistical analysis dirty talk to Jessica it is somehow simultaneously hot and hilarious.  The new developments in their relationship are surprisingly sweet and compelling.

I am in awe how well the author wove so many storylines together in this book! With any work of fiction you have to accept something that don’t necessarily make sense to you. For me, I was surprised how cooperative the alpha males were in letting other men see their women ‘au natural’  but hey, it was all part of the fun atmosphere the author was creating. I thought the ending of this book was excellent and I can’t wait to see what Anna Durand gives us next.

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