Love Your Moves

Love Your Moves
by Weston Parker

My review:

“Love Your Moves” is an excellent enemies-to-lovers romance with good doses of humor, some observations about corporate takeovers, body positivity, and a 10-year age gap. Weston Parker wraps it all up in a bow for us right in time for Valentine’s Day, but you’ll enjoy this story any time of the year.

Tori, a smart and skilled executive assistant, works for a company that is being taken over buy new ownership.  During interviews being held to decide which personnel will stay on after the takeover, she meets Ben, who is CEO of the new owner of the company. I don’t want to give spoilers, but you can imagine why Tori and Ben become enemies!  Despite the adversarial situation, Tori and Ben have sparks of attraction between them. As the story unfolds, the highly successful businessman bungles mightily in his quest to pursue the woman who has captured his interest and admiration.  Tori can’t understand why she is so attracted to the ruthless mogul, and that feeling keeps growing as she repeatedly encounters him while doing the interim job she found as a deliverer of dancing telegram greetings.

This roller coaster ride of an experience also includes a vile ex-wife, a waiter with a romantic crush, a quirky sister, a wild viral video, and more … Plus a rewarding epilogue. This story was fun entertainment with a sweet candy finish.

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