What Happens in Vegas

What Happens in Vegas
by Ashe Barker

My review:

Ashe Barker has created another compelling storyline with “What Happens in Vegas” – it’s a tale of real intrigue, intense drama, unexpected romance, kinky passion and true love. I thought this was very entertaining and it really kept my attention engaged.

Fern was swept off your feet in Las Vegas and married Caleb, who then promptly vanished from her life without a word of explanation. 5 years later she has tracked him down and just wants a divorce so that she can be a free woman again. Caleb, who she discovers to be an extremely successful businessman, claims she has no idea who she is and that he never married her.  Fern is a strong and self-sufficient young woman, taking care of her mother and working on her art. Cynical Caleb be sure that she is running a con and brutally shuts her down.

This story was full of surprises. Independent Fern has a submissive side she never knew about and her unacknowledged need to share her burdens is exquisitely met by the dominant aspect of Caleb’s personality. I’m trying to be very careful not to reveal anything that could be a spoiler but let me assure you that Caleb turns out to be an epic, swoon-worthy hero. The epilogue was excellent, and I’ll miss the characters, which is high praise.

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