by Weston Jost

My review:

Marshall Thomas Ryan has had a personal life full of pain and loss. He is a dedicated lawman, with the added benefit of skills he learned from an expert in Chinese fighting techniques.  He acquires a horse named Sitting Bull, who is an interesting character in his own right. The big horse is so interesting that the novel is actually named for him.

This is a boisterous tale set in Texas of long ago. It has a long list of characters including lawmen, bandits, bank robbers, American Indian tribes, abducted women who are sassy and resourceful, gambler, saloon girls, dwarfs, bats, circuses, spiders and more.  Pay attention so you can keep all the great characters straight in your head.

I don’t want to give any spoilers because the story frequently goes in directions you might not expect. It is punctuated with scenes of dramatic confrontation, smart banter and unexpected humor. There are solidly happy conclusions at the end of the trail. Enjoy this book with a cold drink while you enjoy some popcorn or pretzels, because it’s a sweeping experience worthy of a movie screen.

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