Swoony Billionaire

Swoony Billionaire
by Max Monroe

My review:

Kline Brooks is the Swoony Billionaire leading man in this trio of stories.  It’s a collection of “Tapping the Billionaire”, “Tapping Her”, and new novella “Be My Billionaire Valentine”. The new novella picks up right after “Tapping Her” in the sequence of the relationship between Kline and Georgia. If you’re new to the series this is a fun way to jump right in, and if you’re familiar with the boisterous crew, it’s a cool opportunity to refresh yourself about the relationship of the 2 lead characters and enjoy those swoony news story.

Tapping the Billionaire

“Tapping the Billionaire” was the first in the Bad Boy Billionaire series. It really set the tone for the type of laugh out loud humor that characterizes the whole series, and introduces the personalities of the characters. Georgia works at Brooks Media, the company owned by Kline. He made his initial fortune with a dating app called TapNext … hence the use of the word ‘Tapping’ in the book title.  He never really notices her until one day … He Does.  They combust into a scorching hot workplace romance.

Kline is one swoony guy, with legendary … equipment. Georgia is sassy and quirky, with a heart of gold.  The romance that blossoms between them is very creatively crafted, antique place on 2 levels – you just have to read the book to understand because no spoilers here! Their respective friends are crazy in hilarious and wonderful ways.  This book can really lift your spirits.  The HEA is just terrific – it’s sweet and perfect, and leaves you smiling.

Tapping Her

“Tapping Her” takes us to Georgia and Kline where they are on their blissful honeymoon in tropical Bora Bora. Their loving relationship continues to be passionate and fun. While a couple enjoys their escape from day to day life, her best friend Cassie and his best friend Thatch are left to pet sit Georgia’s beloved cat Walter – known by Kline as the demon cat.

Cassie and Thatch are not good pet sitters by any stretch of the imagination.  To say it gets crazy would be an understatement. Chapters are told in their  POV as they try to fix the mess they make, and get to know each other in the process. The demon cat has his own adventure with very unexpected results.  When Georgia and Kline come back from their honeymoon there is a lot to do and to deal with. This book provides great entertainment and it solidifies Kline as a super swoony billionaire. It also solidified the writing team of Max Monroe as 1-click authors for me … I don’t even have to read the blurb; If they write it, I order it.

Be My Billionaire Valentine

The new “Be My Billionaire Valentine” novella jumps in after Georgia and Kline reluctantly return from their honeymoon and settling into their new home and life together.  Kline has learned that his wife has a big phobia about Valentine’s Day, so he decides there’s no time like the present to whisk her away on a romantic long weekend.  All sounds great and then his craziest friend decides to up the romance factor from afar. The resulting chaos is comedy gold  .. Let me just share that I laughed out loud multiple times at the mariachi monkeys. Read the book and you’ll understand …

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