My Saving Grace

My Saving Grace
by Melanie Moreland

My review:

“Because she is the only warmth in my life. Without her, the cold will destroy me.”

In “My Saving Grace” Jaxson speaks these words about Gracie. The words seem so romantic, right? Well, they are, but if you read them in the context of the book you will see that they are so much more than that … they are part of a stoic man’s growing understanding of his visceral need for this woman who has come into his life and has unwittingly begun to change everything he thought to be true.

Melanie Moreland is some kind of emotional sorceress because once again she has created a story that will break your heart and then put it back together again, melding laughter and tears in unforgettable ways. This is definitely a stand-alone story. But if you haven’t already read the BAM books and “A Merry Vested Wedding”, then this should certainly inspire you to put them on your reading list – along with The Contract Series, which is the story of Gracie’s parents.

There is so much I would like to share about this story, but I keep erasing the words because I don’t want to give any spoilers at all. You need to discover the path and the feelings of the characters for yourself. The author makes them so Real that you can practically see them in your mind’s eye. At one point, Jaxson has a conversation with Gracie that made me cringe with pain, and then as I learned more about him I felt pain on his behalf. I found him to be so frustrating! Yet still, at the end he more than redeemed himself so even if you slam your book down in frustration for a minute, don’t give up on him. Gracie is smart and confident despite dealing with ongoing consequences of a childhood trauma. She has a gentle heart, but she knows her own worth and is unwilling to settle for a relationship that is not emotionally fulfilling. I adored her character! This book is written with a dual POV, which is really helpful in giving us understanding of the feelings each character wrestles with at different points in the story,

Melanie Moreland puts them both through an emotional wringer for us, but fear not, they are justly rewarded with a brilliant HEA, and Jackson belongs in the Book Boyfriend Hall of Fame.  All of the secondary characters in the story are wonderful, especially Jaxson’s PA, Michael and Gracie’s cousin Ronan. The dynamic that develops between Jaxson and Gracie’s father is priceless.  I also loved the references made by the characters in this story to the books of a historical romance author who is similarly stellar at her craft. It was fun to see one great author make such fun and admiring mention of another.

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