The Hero I Need

The Hero I Need
by Nicole Snow

My review:

“I’m gone like butter under a heat lamp.”

Yes, Willow, me too – and I’m not even a character in the book! Let me back up and tell you that I could not put this book down … I finished it at 2:46 this morning, tired but grinning like a fool because it was such a good story and I enjoyed it so very much. If you’re familiar with books by Nicole Snow, then you already know this one will be great, and if you’re not familiar with her work then I envy you because you’re about to discover the wonderful worlds she creates. This author has a very distinctive writing style; If you read even half a page without knowing who the author was, you would immediately recognize her voice. She writes in dual POV, and in a style that lets the reader viscerally understand the feelings, worries and motivations of the main characters

This story really has 3 main characters.  In addition to kind and determined zoologist Willow, there are Grady and Bruce.  Grady is a growly, former military sharpshooter, bar owner, widower and father of twin 10-year-old daughters. Bruce is a Bengal Tiger with a distinct personality and mind of his own.  The 3 of them end up being an unlikely team fighting against the illegal exotic animal trade, corruption and dark forces none of them knew existed.  There are brilliant secondary characters, particularly Grady’s daughters, his nephew Weston and Willow’s father, Peter. If you’ve read the previous books set in Dallas, North Dakota, you’ll enjoy seeing the leading characters from those stories here again, along with references to the Heart’s Edge series and even the Enguard Series. Nicole Snow always does a brilliant job interconnecting her stand-alones in ways that make a reader’s heart skip with the fun of recognition.

In addition to the great action-adventure aspect of this book, there are powerful emotional currents, life lessons and wisdom that you might not expect to find. Plus, the passionate scenes are enough to fog up your eyeglasses or have you reaching for a cold drink. Wow. Or as the leading lady would say, “Holy Yes.”  Right again, Willow!

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