Natural Satisfaction

Natural Satisfaction
by Anna Durand

My review:

“Natural Satisfaction” is the 3rd book in the Au Natural Trilogy, but it can definitely be read and enjoyed as a stand-alone. This is a story about lead characters Damian and Heidi, who exceed expectations in wonderful ways, and who actually communicate with each other like adults.

Damian is a rakishly charming, incorrigible flirt. But it turns out he is also honorable, kind and sensitive to the feelings of other people, not the shallow gypsy playboy he at first seems to be. As concierge at the Au Naturel resort, his personality makes him perfect for the job. Party-girl Heidi is on a path of rediscovery, questioning everything about herself in the wake of a series of terrible boyfriends and bad decisions. She has sworn off men for a while yet find herself yielding to the irresistible pull of Damian’s low-pressure sincerity. The chemistry between them sparks joyfully off the page.

There are no plot devices like huge misunderstandings, fights or inaccurate presumptions in this book. There is a lot of kindness and respect, and for all its gentleness this easy to read story is still a page-turner.  I thought the secondary characters were terrific, and you’ll recognize a lot of them if you’ve read either of the other books in the trilogy. Damian’s parents – and Heidi’s as well – are also great secondary characters who go beyond expectations. The ending of the book was terrific, and the appearance of Alex Thorne from the author’s Hot Scots series was startling in the best way.   Brit vs. Scot: A Hot Brits/Hot Scots/Au Naturel Crossover Book is due to be released in a few weeks, and I already pre-ordered my copy. Can’t wait!

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