Wild about Cowboys box set

Wild about Cowboys box set

Release Date: Available Now

My review:

This collection of 6 stories by talented authors all have something in common … Each features a cowboy and/or a cowgirl with dynamic personalities and an instalove connection. I read them all within 2 days and I can honestly say I did like them all to varying degrees, although they were totally different from one another.

Too Hot to Trot
by Becky McGraw

This was an interesting story, but it was kind of frustrating because of the constant back and forth between Zack and Heather. They sometimes aggravated me almost as much as they aggravated one another.

Heather survived attempted rape by somebody close to her, plus other significant traumas when she was a teenager. (Some people might even appreciate a trigger warning.)  Somehow talking to Zack about it briefly once provide a colossal breakthrough for her. That was a lot to swallow for me. There are also seriously complex legal matters that go away with lightning speed. I think this was nicely written but it could have benefited from having this complicated story be presented in a longer format. I did like the HEA.

Cowboy True
by Melissa Keir

This was a quick and sweet romance about a relatively new country music star and the small town girl he meets and falls in love with.  Linc is a good guy who is feeling smothered by his own success, and takes some time to go incognito into the world. He finds his musical muse in Alyssa, a young woman struggling to make ends meet can support her grandmother and the remnants of their family farm. Linc and Alyssa are both good people, in a low angst story that will make you smile.

All Cowboy and Charm
by Rhonda Lee Carver

Coop and Melanie are connected by an incredibly difficult situation. A fertility clinic mix-up has left her pregnant by his twin brother, who has passed away. Wow, there is an avalanche of emotion. The 2 of them managed to work out their issues. They also develop a powerful connection on their own, and and reach the HEA that they richly deserve.

A Cowgirl’s Highlander
by Sara Walter Ellwood

Hamish and Ellie were appealing characters, both of them dealing with difficult past circumstances. My biggest problem with them was that they could have solved a lot of issues with conversation. When they finally got out of their own way, they got a nice happy ending as a reward.

Wild About Her Cowboy
by Em Petrova

Noah and Maya Ray were both solid characters, and their alliance to get revenge on their respective ex’s was fun. I liked the way they quickly developed feelings for one another beyond the physical attraction they immediately had for one another.  His family is full of boisterous, engaging characters, and she fits in with them perfectly.

The ending was sweet, and then I will admit to how excited I got to see that this is the introduction to a new series!

Henley’s Whit
by D’Ann Lindun

I liked Whit and Henley and enjoy their story, although I think it would have benefited from being longer. It really grabs you from the very first pages.  some issues in the plot seemed a little inconsistent to me. I also would have like to know more about how he would help his son cope with the trauma of losing his mom. I know it’s a romance novel, but better understanding the darker side of things makes the happy parts even more wonderful.

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