To the Xtreme

To the Xtreme
by Em Petrova

My review:

To the Xtreme is the second book in the Xtreme Ops series by Em Petrova.  As always, the author has done a great job of creating a stand-alone story that doesn’t require you to read the prior one … although you’ll probably be inspired to want to do so after you finish this book.

Harris is a member of an Xtreme Ops team based in Alaska, tasked with doing dangerous work all the time. When he finally gets a break for leave, and decides to explore Alaska’s Denali National Park, having no clue that that decision will change his life forever. ‘Moon Shadow’ is a park ranger, a capable, strong woman who also doesn’t have a cynical bone in her body, talks to plants, and has relentless faith in the goodness of people. They couldn’t be more different, but the chemistry between them quickly becomes too strong to ignore.

This story is fast-paced and interesting, with some mystery and intrigue, great secondary characters, and passion as explosive as the dynamite that somebody is exploding in the Park. Even after the mystery is resolved, Harris and Moon Shadow (also known as Jenna) still have a lot of angst to work through if they’re going to reach a HEA. I liked both characters a lot, but I especially appreciated how difficult it was for Harris to recognize and believe in love, when it is not something he has ever experienced in his life. This book pulled me in and kept me interested right to the very last sentence of the epilogue.

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