The Billionaire’s Second Chance

The Billionaire’s Second Chance
by Weston Parker

My review:

I thoroughly enjoyed The Billionaire’s Second Chance, another engaging story from Weston Parker. Will and Anna were close friends as children, then became high school sweethearts. Her family life become super complicated and she knows she never will leave their hometown, but at the same time recognizes that Will could accomplish big things out in the wider world. Anna tells a big lie to force an end to their relationship and devastates them both.

More than a decade later, although will has been tremendously successful in his career, his personal life is a mess and he is back in their hometown to try and stabilize himself. Anna agrees to a fake relationship scenario to help him with damage control about his image, but we all know how those fake relationships tend to work out. 😎 I thought the characters were extremely well-defined, and emotions were both authentic and palpable. And there were times I wanted to shake each of them in frustration, but they were really both very likable overall. This book will ‘hit you in the feels’ and it might be advisable to have a tissue handy.

Will’s sister Jamie and his best friend Dave are among the great secondary characters in this book, and they are practically screaming for a story of their own. Fingers crossed that Weston will be giving that to them … and to us. I have really enjoyed a lot of this author’s work, and I would say that this book is among his best.

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