Her First Rodeo

Her First Rodeo
by Lola West

My review:

Although this is the 5th and final book in the Big Sky Cowboys series, you can definitely enjoy it as a complete standalone. If you are already familiar with this series, you will be glad to finally get the story of Wyatt Morgan, and learn all about the RodeO he orchestrates with Dr. Caroline Winchester (you may also remember hearing her name before).  They have each spent years trying to ignore the attraction they feel for one another, but now they’re finally going to indulge in it, at least for a little while.

This book is so well-written that it’s a very quick and easy read, but it actually it deep and powerful story about 2 characters who are so much more than the world sees them to be. I am trying so hard not to give any spoilers, which is pretty tough, because I want to write about so many specific, great things in the story. I will try to content myself with telling you that you should be prepared to laugh out loud, possibly even snort with laughter. There are ‘awwwww’ moments and ‘oooooh’ moments. There is enough steam to fog your eyeglasses or your Kindle. There are some tearful moments … and make sure you get the extended epilogue because that was an emotional powerhouse that actually made me cry some ugly (but good) tears.

The secondary characters are people you’ve met before in this series and they give it so much depth. Personally, I wish we all had a Duke Morgan in our lives! I’m so sorry to see this great series come to an end, but I also can’t wait to see what Lola West has in store for us next.

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