The Unwilling Mrs.

The Unwilling Mrs.
by Annabelle Marin

My review:

This book is set in the 1950’s, which is definitely different from the usual time periods that authors favor. Plenty of details are given that well define the time. and the social norms that were in place, and which governed behavior.  Being gossiped about having taken part in salacious behavior would ruin a girls good name and negatively affect the reputation of her parents.

Polly is young, beautiful and the spoiled only child of a respected doctor and his wife. She had no interest in education after high school and can’t manage to keep a job for more than a couple of months. Elijah is a serious young attorney, recently moved back to their hometown. He is older and more experienced than she is. When naive Polly embroils herself in a scandal, Elijah agrees to rescue her with a marriage of convenience.

Their arranged relationship grows and develops a loving one. Polly matures and becomes a very likable young woman. There is some mild domestic discipline and a few somewhat steamy scenes. The story contains a couple of interesting twists, and then a big challenge to the relationship from an unexpected source. Particularly in the first couple of chapters there is some writing that felt a bit awkward to me, but that really goes away as the pages go on. I really found this story to be entertaining, and it had a good HEA. I’d like to read a book about Polly’s best friend!

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