His Perfect Bride

His Perfect Bride
by Heather Boyd

My review:

Heather Boyd consistently creates interesting storylines that go unexpected places, and gets to those places in unexpected ways. “His Perfect Bride” features unique characters an unusual situation, and gives them a wonderful love story with a beautiful HEA.

Ophelia is widowed and permanently disabled by a terrible carriage accident. Her deceased husbands cousin Harry – the lofty and seriously grouchy Duke of Montrose – devotes serious effort to seeing her healed as much as possible. He then puts her in charge of the running of his household to help give her a sense of purpose. Ophelia and Harry have such different personalities and yet they are a perfect pair if they will just get out of their own way. The story really draws you in as it develops page by page. Some of what is revealed about the past is heartbreaking, and Harry’s background in particular may necessitate you having a tissue in your hand.

This is a memorable novella. It has some unexpectedly steamy scenes, and a wonderful ending that will leave you smiling. Great book!

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