High Risk Rookie

High Risk Rookie
by Odette Stone

My review:

“High Risk Rookie” is the fourth excellent book in the Vancouver Wolves Hockey Series by Odette Stone, and it is pure enjoyment from start to finish. You can definitely enjoy this book as a stand-alone, although if you have read others in this series you will recognize some of the names and characters that appear in this story.

Krista Taylor, the female lead in this book, will be one of those familiar characters if you are already familiar with the series. She is a dynamo sports agent whose specialty is hockey. Her personal life has been something of a disaster and so she remains laser-focused on her career. Her biggest goal right now is to make the Forbes list of most powerful sports agents. When the owner of the Vancouver Wolves comes to her about his interest in a player, she is told about Levi Ziegler. He’s incredibly skilled but is something of a loose cannon and hasn’t played hockey in 8 months. He’s gone through multiple agents already, but if Krista can sign him and help him get a team contract, it should put it over the top to get her on that list.

Levi is young, quite a bit younger than Krista although I don’t think we are ever told exact what her age is.  He’s also a guy who lives in the moment and is in charming enigma. Krista tracks him to party spot in Mexico, where he is hanging out with friends.  The absolute craziness that happens and the complicated fallout from it all is something you must read the book to learn about because I don’t want to give any spoilers. Believe me though, it’s wild!

There is some good intrigue in this book and a lot of scenes to make you think “Wow,” along with some honest emotion, solid laughs, crazy family drama, real villains and quiet heroes. You may find yourself craving beef stroganoff and mashed potatoes. You may realize that sometimes in life you just have to be brave and Jump into where you want to be. I really enjoyed this story, and I’m looking forward to reading more about the Wolves.

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