Wild Child

Wild Child
by Lola West

My review:

Read this book here. Read this book there. Read this book everywhere. This world is full of so much strife, You need to get this book in your life.

Seriously, this addition to the Big Sky Cowboys series by Lola West is wonderful in so many ways. Cody and Jameson are both just looking for a good time when they hook up at a concert. Since the book is advertised as a ‘Secret Baby’ story, I’m not divulging a spoiler when I say that she ends up pregnant and doesn’t get in touch with him to let him know. She has her reasons, but as her son is reaching towards his third birthday, Jameson’s guilt about not letting Cody know becomes overwhelming and she decides she has to go to him and introduce him to his son.

I freely confess that I cried more than once reading this book. The backgrounds and emotions of the main characters are authentic and powerful. And the chemistry between them … get a fire extinguisher! Flynn, their son, is so important to the story that he’s really a third main character,  and he is absolutely adorable

If you read the other books in the series you’ll be happy to see those characters appear in this one, but if you haven’t read them yet don’t worry, you will still enjoy this book. (I have to mention that the character of Horse, who was in ‘Imperfect Harmony’, melted my heart again in this book). As this story winds its way down to the end, as you’re reading you know there’s going to be a big reveal, and it is anxiety inducing to wait for it. Rest assured, the fantastic epilogue makes it all worthwhile. Love wins!

This book was an extremely enjoyable read. Camille is a botanist, which makes her an unusual female during her time, and makes the story even more interesting.  I thought this story was as smooth as eggnog at Christmas, as effervescent as champagne in a crystal flute, and as comfortable as hot chocolate on a cold and snowy night. It’s definitely a story to savor, with just the right amount of steam. There is a wonderful happy ending, too, and some vivid secondary characters. This book is like an early Christmas gift to readers!

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