Make me yours

Make me yours
by Melanie Harlow

My review:

This was a breathtaking book …  The kind that wriggles into your feelings and tugs at your heart.

Cole is a single dad devoted to raising his daughter, after he was widowed when his wife died of complications after childbirth. He is an amazing father, a dedicated police officer, a loyal friend, and an all-around great guy. His 9-year-old daughter, Mariah, is beautifully depicted. She is the perfect combination of innocence and wisdom that children so often display.

Cheyenne was the classic ‘girl next door,’ – kind, caring and beautiful.  She has been in love with Cole since she was a teenager. They have a great friendship and both of them feel the increased chemistry that has developed between them, but he forces himself to be brutally honest with her and tell her that he is not looking for a relationship because he is completely devoted to taking care of his daughter.  When the sensual sparks simmering between them ignite into an inferno because of an explicit text she accidentally sends him, they both start reevaluating everything.

Cheyenne is a wonderful character with great self-awareness, who realizes that she can’t settle for less than what she deserves in life, despite how tempting it might be to do so.  Cole is an amazing leading man in this story, written so well that you can almost hear his voice as you read.  The authenticity of the emotional development of his character is powerful. His life really exemplifies the fact that grief can have profound and long-lasting effects on a person beyond the actual loss itself.  There is an HEA, and it is so rewarding. This book is a wonderful experience and I highly recommend it.

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