A very merry vested wedding

A very merry vested wedding
by Melanie Moreland

My review:

Can I first say that Melanie Moreland is one super sneaky author? From the cover this looks like a sweet holiday romance – and it definitely is that. But it is also a powerful story of love between childhood friends turned sweethearts, between fathers and daughters, mothers and sons, siblings, and cherished friends that we choose to have as beloved family. I used 3 tissues to blot tears shed while reading this book, while simultaneously smiling … an experience that felt wonderful although it must have looked crazy.

It is recommended that you read all the books in the Vested Interest series before this one so you know who the cast of characters are, and the connections between them. I am going to say, however, that I think you could definitely start with this one and go back to read the others because you are definitely going to want to do that once you meet them. Plus, this book starts a new extension of the series about the second-generation of characters in the world Melanie Moreland created, so it’s actually a first book in its own right.

I realize I’m not telling you much about the plot, but you have the blurb there to do that, and I’m sure other capable reviewers will do a wonderful job summarizing the action. I just want to tell you this book kept me awake until 3 AM because I was drawn into the magic; I had to see how it all unfolded. Along with the love story, there is intrigue about Gracie, one of the other important second-generation characters in the book. It was so good that I am now eagerly awaiting the opportunity to find out what is going on with Gracie and Jaxson! 2020 has been so incredibly stressful for us all … reward yourself for getting this far along in the year and read this story. It’s like a written hug.

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