Xtreme Ops

Xtreme Ops
by Em Petrova

My review:

Em Petrova has kicked off the ‘Xtreme Ops’ series with “Hitting Xtremes” … and I thought it was terrific! Penn Sullivan, Captain of the new Special OPS team assigned to Alaska, is the brother of Nash Sullivan, who was the lead in the first book of the Ranger Ops series. (Nash’s book is “At Close Range” in case you missed it and would like to check out that great series).

Penn is smart and tough as nails, devoted to his country and any challenge with which he is presented. He has long accepted the fact that the type of work he does allows no room for personal relationships. When Homeland Security makes him Captain of a new Alaska-based team that has been created, he is beyond psyched for the opportunity and the dangers of missions that will come the way of him and his team. His very first mission with his new unit involves Cora Hutton, a skilled, beautiful woman who is also an experienced wilderness tracker. Cora was unwittingly caught up in plane crash and foreign criminal intrigue that Penn and his team are tasked with resolving. Penn’s world is rocked by her impressive skill set and by the chemistry that ignites between them.

I don’t want to say too much about the plot because I thought it was really exciting and best left to unfold as you read it. There are some twists and turns that kept me swiping pages on my Kindle into the early morning hours because I had to finish the story. This book has tears and smiles, exhilaration and frustration, hot heroes and evil villains, a fierce heroine and blazing hot passion, all set amidst wondrous descriptions of frozen landscapes. I am already looking forward to every book in this series!

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