The Red Drifter of the Sea

The Red Drifter of the Sea
by Celeste Barclay

My review:

Celeste Barclay comes ashore with another action-packed, lusty adventure in her Pirates of the Isles series. The Red Drifter is Kyle MacLean, the fierce pirate. His leading lady in this story is Moira MacDonnell, sister to Donal, the chieftain of Dunluce.

She has been living a wretched existence, terrorized by her brother and treated worse than the lowest of servants. When Donal decides to give Moira to repulsive rival Dermot O’Malley, she has no choice but to run. The ship she is escapes on is attacked by Pirates and she ends up in the hands of the Red Drifter. They have seen each other before at her home when he was a guest there briefly, but now everything has changed. The physical tension and attraction between Kyle and Moira is intense. Be aware that there is a good deal of spanking and light BDSM interaction throughout the book, but none of it is cruel. Kyle’s dominance helps her feel safe, and Moira’s submission makes Kyle feel needed.

There is violence in the book, but it’s a pirate story so that should be expected. This story grabbed my attention and held onto it right to the last word on the last page. Multiple times something happened that I really didn’t expect. In addition to the great relationship that develops between the romantic lead characters, I really liked the authentically loving relationship between Kyle and his twin brother, Keith. The good guys and the bad guys in the story are vividly depicted and multidimensional, which makes it all that much more exciting. While you read this story, your mind envisions it all taking place as if on a movie screen. I very much liked the HEA and appreciated the epilogue. Can’t wait to read book number 4 in this series.

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