See me after class

See me after class
by Meghan Quinn

My review:

First of all, be warned that this book is really funny. I don’t mean quiet giggle funny, though there are plenty of those included, too.  No, I am talking about the kind of laughs that take you by surprise and make you sputter or snort out loud … that kind of funny.

I see there’s a lot of information out there now about this book, so you definitely don’t need me to detail the plot for you. Arlo, the grumpy old-style teacher housed in the body of a hot guy, is a character with hidden depths. Like a lot of people in the real world he’s not easy to love at first, but as you get to know him you want to know him even better. Greer is his opposite in so many ways. She uses all types of new teaching methods and is always eager to try new things. She is a genuinely sweet and friendly person. Arlo and Greer are baffled by the attraction they have for one another, and don’t quite know what to do about it –  although they do work on figuring it out in some very steamy encounters.

The emotional journey Arlo and Greer will take you on is angsty, torturous, exhilarating and ultimately very rewarding. There are some very deep emotions that really balance out the humor and make this book a much more thoughtful experience than you might expect. The secondary characters in this book are unique and wonderful, and I want to know more about every one of them so I really hope that Meghan Quinn is writing feverishly!

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