Imperfect Harmony 

Imperfect Harmony 
by Lola West

My review:

This is the latest book in the Big Sky Cowboy Series, and you can certainly enjoy it as a stand-alone. Singer/songwriter Sarah Morgan has a depth of talent that her overly protective family has never really recognized. Lucky for Sarah, her brother Bill’s fiancé is now a country superstar who is embarking on a new tour and invites Sarah to be the opening act. Sarah is as excited to escape the smothering affection of her brothers as she is to see some of the country and share her music with people in different states.

Horse is the road manager for the tour. He’s intense, mysterious, dour, grouchy and the sexiest man Sarah has ever seen. He and Sarah start off badly when he mistakes her for a groupie and berates her, and then can’t seem to stop offending her. Horse is attracted to Sarah like he’s never been attracted to anyone else in his life, but he knows he can’t have a relationship with her. She’s too young for him, she’s the little sister of the tour headliner’s fiance, and she’s far too sweet and innocent for a man who’s had the rough life he has lived.
Author Lola West has a talent for creating compelling characters who grab your attention and your interest very quickly. Sarah is a great heroine. She is smart, capable and skilled at of variety of things, compassionate and determined to follow a path of her own choosing. Horse is an excellent hero. He is truly a tortured soul, and when he finally let his walls down for Sarah, the beauty within him glows from every page.  Their HEA will leave you smiling. I’m very much looking forward to the next book in this series!

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