Office Grump

Office Grump
by Nicole Snow

My review:

This is a masterfully written enemies-to-lovers, torturously slow burn, funny and snarky rom-com. If you’re already a fan of Nicole Snow, you already know how her unique writing style wraps around you and draws you into the story paragraph by paragraph, page by page. I’m not going to detail the plot – the blurb does a good job of that and I’m sure other readers will do so too.

Instead, I will tell you that Magnum and Sabrina are wonderfully depicted characters.  As the reader, you really get a strong feeling for who they each are in the world in which they live. He is the hot alpha boss with a hidden heart, and she is the smart, beautiful young woman with a backbone of steel. Their relationship dynamic is a wonderful hot mess as the instant chemistry between them evolves from fascinated irritation into much more than either of them ever imagined. There are little laughs and big smiles, snickers and blushes, ‘awww’ and ‘ooooh’ moments, painful angst, big heartaches and blazing passion.  The author even manages to work in some legitimately tearful moments. If you’ve read books in her series based in Heart’s Edge, the casual mentions of things related to those stories will give you those quick flashes of recognition that always make a reader extra excited.

“Office Grump” is excellent entertainment that will remind you that ‘family’ is ultimately who we choose it to be. The delicious banter in this book is best enjoyed with a slice of pizza, a cinnamon latte and a chocolate truffle or two desserts.  Reading it was really an experience to savor, and I strongly recommend you dig right in!

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