Daddy in Cowboy Boots

Daddy in Cowboy Boots
by Laylah Roberts

My review:

Laylah Roberts excels at creating interesting DD/lg stories that go well beyond just the age-play aspect of the relationships. She makes sure that the reader can see the characters as more than stereotypes, and that we understand how they complement one another emotionally, not just physically. I think that’s why the Montana Daddies series has been so consistently good.

Marisol is a kind-hearted young woman trapped in difficult circumstances. She works for her aunt, who pays her very little and demands a ton of work from her. The older woman is abusive towards Mari, but without her job she can’t get medication that she must have in order to live. Mari is trapped in a terrible situation that is becoming dramatically worse because of her aunt’s gang leader boyfriend and his son.

Linc is a ranch manager who enjoys his career and his life, but has been lonely and hoping to find the right woman with whom to share it. When he first meets Mari he is immediately attracted to and intrigued by her. It becomes clear that she needs help, and he doesn’t hesitate to step right up and offer her anything he can, no strings attached. He is strong and sincere, ready and willing to learn about Mari and take care of her, even taking the time to learn all about her medical condition and how to best support her health. Linc wants to shoulder her troubles and free her up to enjoy life. In turn, he is the type of man she has dreamed about, only better because he is real and there is wonderful chemistry between them.

This was an enjoyable story with some suspense and a good HEA, and I’m looking forward to the next book in the series. Will the Sheriff finally find his perfect match? Or will Zander? I don’t know who will be next, but I will definitely be there to read all about it.

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