To Kiss a Cowboy

To Kiss a Cowboy
by Maggie Carpenter

My review:

“I guess all we can do is take care of our own patch of grass, and take care of the ones we love.” Words of wisdom from alpha cowboy Caleb, for sure!

Connie, the heroine, has lost faith in her own choices and decisions, and in her riding abilities; she truly loves her horses so that is a extremely difficult thing for her to deal with. The manager of the ranch where she bought her newest horse invites in Caleb, to meet Connie to see if he can help her train. When they meet, the session is successful, and sparks fly between them. But nothing can happen between them because Connie is engaged to Jerry, a ‘city slicker’ who has zero interest in anything to do with horses.

Suddenly everything changes … Connie’s life is turned upside down and Caleb is there to help her pick up the pieces. There is a supernatural angle to the story, and a plot twist I admit that I did not see coming at all. Overall, this was a quick and entertaining read.

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