The Director

The Director

by Renee Rose

My review:

This book by Renee Rose sucked me right in and didn’t let go until the last paragraph. Lucy, the career driven dynamo of a defense attorney, and Ravil, the oddly honorable Russian crime boss, make for an unlikely and shockingly dynamic pair. The blurb and other reviews detail plenty of the plot for you, so you definitely don’t need me to do that. I will tell you instead that I enjoy the heck out of this book! There is a prequel novella that sets up the first meeting between the characters and their one-night stand that resulted in her pregnancy. I had not read it before this book, so I can assure you it’s not necessary to have read that in order to appreciate The Director.

At different times each of the main characters will drive you crazy. The dual point of view format of the story lets the reader experience their complicated individual internal struggles first-hand. This is a romance book, so you know there’s going to be some kind of HEA. But there were definitely times in the story that I wondered how on earth they were going to get to that point. The chemistry between Lucy and Ravil is intense and has some D/s qualities, consciously adjusted to reflect the fact that Lucy is pregnant.

Some of the issues that arose between them originated in unexpected ways, like a big problem caused by her best friend toward end of the story. It did make me wonder if that friend is a character we will see later in the series. I will definitely be pre-ordering each story in this series is they become available. It is already made clear by the end of the book that 2 of the men in Ravil’s crime family have their stories ready to be told, and there are at least 3 others who I want to know more about. Plus, the traumatized sister of one of those 3 clearly has great story potential.  Break out the pierogis and your best Russian vodka and settle down for a very entertaining read.

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