Winter’s Wallflower

Winter’s Wallflower
by Scarlett Scott

My review:

Winter’s Wallflower is book number 8 of the Wicked Winters series by Scarlett Scott. It is definitely a stand-alone but if you had the pleasure of reading other books in the series, be excited to know that this one starts exploring the illegitimate Winter siblings.  Floating Hell, this book is one fast-paced and exciting story!

Dominic Winter is the fearsome king of the London underground.  He has survived and thrived by living a disciplined life of cold, calculating ferocity. When Lady Adele forces her way into his life, she never even tells him her name, but he is captivated by her. Adele is driven by a desire to protect her brother from the danger of his own vices. She pushes herself far outside her comfort zone to break the rules of propriety, and when she does she finds that Dominic is irresistible to her  There is plenty of plot divulged in the blurb and other reviews, so I’m not going to take up your time by writing about that. I do want to tell you that they are interesting, multidimensional characters who richly deserved a happy ending. The epilogue was so special. I can’t wait to get books on each of the illegitimate Winter half-siblings.

I was going to give it a 4.5 because there were areas where I just wanted more, but then I realized it is advertised as a novella and so I really can’t complain at all.   For a novella, Scarlett Scott really managed to fit a lot into the story. An excellent quick read!

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