Lady Reckless

Lady Reckless

by Scarlett Scott

My review:

There are a few things you can count on in life. The sun always rises in the East and sets in the West. Puppies are always cute. There is always room for dessert. And every novel Scarlett Scott writes is amazing!  “Lady Reckless” was such a wonderful story, I wish I could experience it again for the first time.

Gabe, Lord Huntingdon, is a complex, beautiful soul.  He is an honorable man, trying to live a proper life in keeping with lessons he has learned from a very painful past. He has been taught that love is a path to ruin and has shunned it. Lady Helena is a spirited and smart young woman, desperately trying to take control of her own future. I’m not going to go into story details you can find in other reviews or give spoilers. I do want to tell you that this book has a wonderful balance of emotion, laughter, passion, sadness, happiness, and love. There were times I wanted to shake Gabe and Helena – especially him.  But I also felt bad for him because he was so truly torn between what he was convinced was the right thing to do, and what he really wanted to do. The connection between the 2 main characters is beautifully written, so much so that you can feel the inevitability of it. The yearning and the torment is excruciatingly perfect, as is the amazing HEA.  Plus, if you’ve read the other books in this series, you will enjoy the fact that you get to visit with a few of the characters in those stories, which is awesome.

Do not make the mistake of thinking you can read a chapter or two and then put it down and do something else for a while. Nope. Be prepared to be essentially kidnapped by this book. Helena is a heroine to cheer for, and Gabe is a hero to love. I can’t wait for the next book in the series!

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