From in Here is Growing

If everything stays precisely on schedule, then by the end of November, From In Here will be debuting a site expansion that has me very excited. I want to take a minute to kind of summarize the situation now, and what is going to be added.

 Who am I

I am a loving parent, a grieving widow, a writer of serious research and light-hearted articles, and a reader of everything from philosophy to lurid fiction. I am physically homebound, but mentally I am an adventurer.

It is safe to say that no two human beings are identical. Even identical twins are not truly identical in every way. Our inherent state of being human makes us all have things in common, but there are qualities and characteristics that, when taken together, makes each of us distinctively ourselves.

I have the ability to persevere even when things become incredibly difficult. I don’t give up. For example, for me that has meant learning how to walk again four different times. It meant days sitting in a courtroom six feet away from the man who killed my husband. It means adapting but not quitting.

I possess the ability to remain optimistic and positive despite being faced with substantial negativity; I am not easily discouraged. This characteristic has meant pursuing goals other people told me were impossible and proving them wrong.

I am able to maintain objectivity even about people, issues and projects that are personally important to me. I use this objectivity to guide my children with tact and calm compassion whenever possible, although they probably don’t see it that way.  Frequently, I call upon my objectivity to cull through demands on my time from people so that I can maintain my priorities, although I confess I probably don’t say no often enough in situations where I should.

How am I perceived?

We like to think that our own self-esteem is the most important thing, but the reality of the world is that what our family, friends, colleagues, competitors, colleagues, clients or customers think about us is extremely important. The way you see yourself in your mind’s eye is not always equivalent to the way your appearance truly is to the outside world. We have to strive to be aware of the perceptions we leave in the minds of others.  It is one of the areas in life where only the results matter – the best of intentions are irrelevant.

The perceptions people have of us are based on the lenses through which they see us. In turn, those lenses are based on the personal biases, ideals, experiences and preferences people have. A class I am taking required us to send a questionnaire to 7 people that we know in different parts of our lives, posing very specific questions about how they see us. It was enlightening and also humbling to learn that I am, for the most part, being perceived accurately with who I am.

I am certainly not the first person to use my own pain as a way to try and help other people, but I’ve discovered it is a relatively unusual decision to do so. Emotionally, it can be wrenchingly difficult to put yourself out there and let strangers actually pass judgement on your pain and suffering. That is also one of the reasons I try to balance content on my website. For example, if I post something very serious or emotionally difficult to write in any given week, I will seek to balance it that same week with a much more lighthearted post. I want my brand to be impactful and empowering to others, not depressing.

I sometimes struggle with what is authenticity and what is oversharing. I recently read something interesting about the distinction between achieving authenticity and indulging in tactless oversharing: “…he believes his openness will enable others to thrive and become more successful.”  So, whereas intention was not of the most importance when it came to perception, it can be extremely important when it comes to authenticity. I try to be as authentic as possible when I write for my blog site. Do I share absolutely everything? Of course not. Some things are just too personal, plus I have 3 wonderful children to always keep in mind because once I share something it’s out there forever. They are incredibly supportive of my efforts with all of this. My daughters frequently read my content, and if I think an article might upset them I always make sure to give them a heads up before it’s out there. Twice I have actually written articles having to do with them and their dad that I did not publish because I thought it might be too sad for them. Someday I might go ahead and share those when the kids are a bit older, but I decided now is not the time yet.

What are some of the new things to be offered?

  1. Traditional style Chat Boards where users can interact with one another and with me. There will be broad subject areas pre-set, and you just can create threads for specific discussions? Want to chat about living with lupus? Share tips for making organic baby food? Talk about coping with loss? Share excitement over a book you just read? Vent about something your teenager did?  Create a thread for what matters to you.
    I will promote thread topics on social media, to help bring them to the attention of people who share your interests or concerns.
  2. Written interviews with authors and other people of interest.
  3. Interesting articles about genealogy and DNA research. (Want to finally understand what a third cousin twice removed is?)
  4. Great articles from guest columnists.
    If you’d be interested in having something you write be published on my blog site, send me an email at Don’t be shy!
  5. Vegetarian and other recipes
    I am not a vegetarian, although I don’t eat lunch meat. But my proof-reader is awesome and a vegetarian, and she has graciously agreed to help me out with with some of her wonderful recipes and great one she has collected.
  6. Recipes for Cocktails and Mocktails (A mocktail is basically a cocktail with no alcohol in it).
  7. Profiles of From In Here subscribers
    If you are interested in being a featured subscriber, please let me know! I have so many fascinating readers that I decided it would be great to catch the spotlight on you.
    You can send me a direct message on Instagram @frominhere or send me an email to
  8. Interesting bits of history
    I have been a history geek since elementary school. It’s just the way it is. Instead of fighting it, I’m going to embrace it and share things some of you may find interesting from American history and world history. Nothing boring, I promise!
  9. Profiles of fascinating women in history
    There are so many amazing women throughout history that are not heralded enough. They inspire me. Maybe some will inspire you or the women and girls in your life.
  10. Causes to be aware of
    There are so many good causes in this world. A few we all probably recognize, like the American Heart Association. I am going to feature ones that you tell me about. No organization that is trying to do good for people, animals or the environment, is too small or local to not be important in its own way.

And of course, some really great contests, giveaways and partnership promotions.

I’m so glad you found From In Here. I’m looking forward to interacting with you and giving you what you hope to find on my website.

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