Single Dad Seeks Juliet

Single Dad Seeks Juliet

by Max Monroe

My Review

This is the type of book that is very hard to review because I want to say too much about it! I want to tell you about this part and that part and another part, and I can’t do that without giving spoilers … and I just can’t do that.  It’s so frustrating when the book is this good!

I can tell you that I thought Jake and Holley, the lead characters, were amazing. He is everything you could want in a book boyfriend – kind. sweet, sexy, funny, thoughtful, compassionate, strong, athletic, smart. Holley is blissfully unaware of how beautiful she really is. She is wonderfully awkward, fiercely determined, smart and sexy and the perfect amount of snarky.  When she sets her mind on doing something, her enthusiasm is boundless. Jake and Holley each have a heartbreak in their past that makes you even more anxious for them to find love.

The path to their richly deserved HEA is slow burn torture, relieved by the quirky humor throughout the story. The nicknames they give one another are great, so I don’t want to tell you what she calls him because you have to read the scene of their meeting first to fully appreciate it. The dialogue and banter between all the characters is top notch.  Max Monroe need to be feverishly working on Garrett’s story, because ne deserves it – and that should give us more bits of Jake, Holley, Chloe and Phil. Read the book, meet the gang, and you’ll feel better for it. This book will make your heart happy.

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