One Hot Escape

One Hot Escape

by Anna Durand

My Review

‘One Hot Escape’ is book 4 in the fun Hot Brits series, and also manages to crossover with her incredible Hot Scots series. That obnoxious squealing sound you hear is my book geek, word nerd excitement making itself known! You can definitely enjoy this book as a complete stand-alone.

Maddie and Rick are both intelligent, hard-working and successful professionals who each never found time to really develop a relationship that mattered as much as work. When they encounter one another on a beach at a Caribbean resort, the instant attraction between them is irresistible.  They both step outside their staid comfort zones and agree to an anonymous single night of passion because he is leaving the resort in the morning. I don’t want to say too much because I don’t like to give spoilers, but I will say that plans change and it’s awesome.

The main characters bring out the best in one another. They don’t have silly misunderstandings because they actually communicate honestly with one another. Their wonderment at their situation is so real you feel it right along with them. There are some great secondary characters, especially Sir Dexter. The characters and the settings in this book are so vividly depicted that you can easily envision it all in your mind’s eye. You will also never look at cupcakes or cognac the same way ever again.

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