Tempting the Scoundrel

Tempting the Scoundrel

by Tracy Sumner

My Review

Tracy Sumner has created a novella that can best be described as a delight, no matter how cliché that may sound. The love story of Christian and Raine is romantic, and the lives of the characters are not typical of romance books. At the age of 15, Christian experienced a bolt of love at first sight when he saw a young house maid reading by lamplight in his uncle’s home. A decade later he sees her again and the feelings are just as intense. Raine feels unworthy of him, seeing herself as inferior because she is a house servant. He has become a renowned watchmaker, whose talent is valued by the aristocracy.

Both lead characters come across as good and authentic people. There are a few great secondary characters, and I particularly liked Penny, Christian’s unusual valet.  The ending was as enjoyable as the rest of the book, and showed that nothing else really matters if you have the opportunity to be with your soul mate.

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