Never Kiss a Stranger

Never Kiss a Stranger

by Logan Chance

My Review

This is another great book by Logan Chance! Ellis, the H, is a genuinely nice guy. And Kiki is an equally awesome nice girl. They meet when he accidentally backs his vehicle over something special she had made for a dog wedding her pet grooming business is planning. Even though she’s angry they are immediately physically attracted to one another. Then Ellis, a totally handsome total stranger gives her the best kiss of her life, and the wheels of this wild romcom are set in motion.

Goats play a couple of great roles in this story, as does craft beer, karaoke, ice cream, and dancing. Nice Ellis is a hot, dirty-talking alpha in the bedroom, the shower, the hot tub, the car … he and Kiki definitely generate a lot of steam!

This book is an easy read with a lot of funny moments and some unexpected twists.  I have read a lot of great books by this author and this is definitely one of his best. I can’t wait to read the next story about Ellis’ brother.

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