Heart Strings

Heart Strings

by Melanie Moreland

My Review

First, a word of advice – don’t put your eye makeup on when you’re going to read this book. And a note to the publisher, this book should come with a little package of tissues. It is no secret that I am a big fan of Melanie Moreland’s writing. Well, Heart Strings is one of her very best. It contains laughter, smiles, sad tears, happy tears, loss, friendship, anxiety, stress, food, snow, love and romance. Oh, and enough passion to set off your smoke detector.

Logan, the hero, really sets a new gold standard for book boyfriends. He’s unconventional in that he doesn’t care what people think about his life choices. He lives according to the dictates of his own heart and soul. Logan is well-educated, talented, thoughtful and considerate, but also a growly, dirty-talking Alpha at all the right times. Lottie, the heroine, is also well educated and talented, but she is living somebody else’s life in a fruitless effort to please her parents. When Logan looks at her, his eyes see past her beautiful exterior to recognize the sadness in her gaze that reflects the loneliness in her heart. They are strangers, so he speaks to her through his music, which is truly the language of love.

Avoid spoilers for this book! It is so beautifully written and perfectly paced that you just have to trust the author to bring you through it – because she does. Exquisitely. There is a wonderful HEA, and an epilogue that will totally make your heart happy. So, get your tissues, block out some quiet time, and jump into this book.  A great love story makes every day better.

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