The prince who loved me

The prince who loved me

by Abigail Sharpe

My Review

Sebastien and Brandi have been the best of friends for a decade. Brandi grew up with a shallow, self-involved mother who drummed into her head that appearance and money were the only things that mattered, and that snaring men was how you proved your worth.  Sebastien is a younger Prince in a royal family of a small country, so far down the line of succession then he managed to persuade his father to allow him to attend college in the United States. He met and fell in love with Brandi, who was a couple of years younger than him. He manages is to stay in the United States and remain close to her, although they stay just friends. Brandi loves him too, but has him firmly parked in the friend zone because she never wants to risk losing him.  Some of her dating fiascos that we get to witness are pretty funny, but her poor self-esteem is sad.

Sebastien is great, definitely worthy of the Prince Charming nickname. The characters in this story are well developed, and you can enjoy their personal growth. Several times, though, you may want to shake Brandi and get her to open her eyes to the possibilities in front of her. I think the author did a good job of creating characters who were vivid – the good ones, and the ones who make your skin crawl. I really liked the ending, and found this to be a very enjoyable book.

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