Need you now

Need you now

by Ali Parker + Weston Parker 

My Review

I started writing this review more than once already, and keep deleting what I write because it just never feels good enough. I think I should start with telling you that I really enjoyed this story. Please read it, with a cup of whatever you like to drink handy and a few tissues. This book gave me tears more than once, and every salty drop was well worth it.

Colton and Haven are great characters, both complex and really interesting. They are unknowingly connected by an epic tragedy even though neither one of them realizes it. As the reader, when you put the pieces together start anxiously waiting to see how it’s all going to happen. It’s a romance books so you expect there to be a good outcome, but the story is so skillfully written that sometimes you really doubt it’s going to happen, despite the banter and passion between them.

There is a simultaneous story within the book about Colton and his mother. That storyline made me love him even more, sniffle a few more tears, and want to hug her. His mother is one of several excellent secondary characters that really make the world of Colten and Haven come alive. Hallmark or some other company should make a movie out of this book!

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