Real Fake Love

Real Fake Love

by Pippa Grant

My Review

First, I have to say that this book made me laugh out loud. A lot. I do not recommend reading it in front of anybody you might be embarrassed laughing or snorting in front of.  Luca has shampoo commercial quality hair, is grumpy, quirky, devoted to his family and his team, superstitious, and emotionally closed off to any sort of romantic relationship. Henri has crazy hair, is relentlessly cheerful, lacks family support, has a creative and vivid imagination, and has been obsessed with finding the perfect romantic relationship. Their relationship is a super slow burn, acquaintances to friends to lovers.

Initially, I didn’t like him very much as a hero, but then as the story progressed we got more and more into his psyche and my opinion of him improved considerably. She was sweet and frantic and I almost felt sorry for her, but as we learned more and more about her I realized how strong she and brave she really was. The secondary characters were wonderful. Luca’s Nonna in particular was terrific. If you’re familiar with other books Pippa Grant has written, then you will really enjoy all the references. But this can really be a stand-alone as well.

The ending is unique for the genre, but I did like that it shows that relationships do not have to be all the same in ‘cookie cutter’ style in order to be perfect for the couple involved. It also shows that all family relationships don’t necessarily work out the way we might want them to, Make sure you take time to read the bonus content also, to really appreciate the HEA!

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