Dad Bod Doms: Logan

Dad Bod Doms: Logan

by Golden Angel

My Review

I really liked the concept for this new series!  I am one of those people who really appreciates a good epilogue – I want to know what happens after the HEA is apparently achieved. So, naturally the idea for this series was very appealing. What happens when the realities of the progression of life interrupts the roses and romance … or the cuffs and the paddles? Logan and Felicity are a married D/s couple with 2 young children, stressful jobs, and a house. The responsibilities of all those things fill their lives so much that they have gotten out of the habit of making time for themselves as individuals, and for themselves as a couple.

This was a quick read, but it effectively told the story. I think it was just very well done so the pages turned quickly. The subject of traditional gender roles and expectations is addressed, and neither partner is afraid to acknowledge when they have made a mistake. The title of the book is a light-hearted acknowledgement of the physical changes of aging, but within the book the much more serious pressure on women about that issue is definitely addressed. The author does a terrific job of describing the conflicting feelings a parent can have to simultaneously love your children so much, but still sometimes to just need a break from them.

The chemistry between Logan and Felicity lights up the pages, There are also some very funny moments. (I may never think of Santa and his candy cane the same way ever again!)  I very much enjoyed this book.  I am looking forward to the next story, and ordered the other 2 in the series already.

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