Nominate a nonprofit organization I can highlight

The global pandemic has had a devastating effect on just about everything. Individuals, families, medical facilities, schools, small businesses, big businesses … it’s an endless list of hurt and problems. Mixed in with everybody else are the nonprofit organizations and their respective missions.

More and more people are on unemployment or working reduced hours, or just holding on to money more tightly for various reasons, so donation dollars are down. Several industry surveys show that respondents say they plan to maintain their donation habits. Other surveys indicate that people who are in the habit of giving are trying to support Covid-19 related causes to ease the direct crisis. I have spoken to representatives of seven different organizations though, who all say that the reality at their small groups is far different from what the surveys indicate.

From In Here would like to shine a light on some nonprofit organizations and the good work they try to do, given the difficult circumstances we all face. This is what we’re going to do …

Our goal is to launch the expanded version of the From In Here website in November. Every month we will feature different organizations that do good things for people, or animals, or the environment.

Email us at Tell us about a group or organization you think should be featured. It might be a small local group in your town, your county, or your state. It might be a civic organization, a literacy initiative, a beautification project, something that benefits senior citizens or veterans, an outreach to the homeless or the hungry, a program that helps endangered area wildlife, and so on. We are open to all suggestions!

If we choose a group or organization you nominate, it will be featured on the website and on our social media. It will receive some type of gift from us, and so will you. Have any questions? Email or send a direct message on Instagram @frominhere and just let us know so we can give you answers.

Let’s shine a light on the good we can each do for one another and the world.

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