The Best Friend Zone

The best friend zone

by Nicole Snow

My Review

‘The Best Friend Zone’ is a captivating friends-to-lovers experience, delivered in Nicole Snow’s wonderful and unique style. The story is told in a dual POV, giving us an up-close understanding of the main characters’ thoughts, feelings and inner conflicts as the story progresses. Other characters in Snow’s previous books set in Dallas, North Dakota appear in this story, but you can absolutely read and enjoy this thoroughly as a stand-alone. There is also mention of characters from a couple other great book series by Snow – if you haven’t read those, it won’t matter at all, but if you have read them you’ll probably find yourself getting that goofy, happy feeling of recognition … you know what I mean.

I don’t give spoilers, and I’m not going to try to write my own version of a plot summary because the blurb and other reviewers have done so very nicely.  I do want to tell you something about the characters and feelings I got from this book.  Quinn Faulker is a fantastic hero. Kind and caring as a young teenager, he grew up to be a strong, capable, deliciously dirty-talking and emotionally sensitive man. He manages to be simultaneously growly and gentle. He’s a take charge guy but he doesn’t want to control Tory, the heroine. Tory is selfless and hard-working, so anxious to please others that she has lost herself in the process. She is questioning the priorities in her life, and figuring out how to stand up for herself while being true to her own caring nature. Quinn and Tory are both people you’d like to know in real life.  Together, they are #couplegoals. You want so much for them break out of the friend zone, it’s the best kind of torture for a reader.

Throw in an incredible dog, wild Granny, unreliable Uncle, pretentious parents, slimy ex-boyfriend, tribe of goats, goat puns, aerial silks, fantastic dialogue, scorching passion, assorted hilarity, enormous eggplants and freakish, murderous criminals, and you have a story that grabs you tight and won’t let go. Get something to drink and a snack, turn off your cell phone, and tell anyone you live with that you have an important Zoom meeting so they can’t bother you. ‘Goat’ into the ‘zone’ to lose yourself in this wonderful book. Everything else will still be here when you’re done.

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