Revved to the maxx

Revved to the maxx

by Melanie Moreland

My Review

Be warned that this is one of those book that you can’t put down – so do yourself a favor and make sure that nothing in your house is likely to catch fire or overcook or flood or something if you are distracted for hours while you lose yourself in the pages of Revved to the Maxx. Not giving spoilers is tough with this one because I want to say “I loved the part when…” and “I laughed so hard when …”  I don’t do spoilers though, so I will stay strong and resist the urge.

The blurb tells you very succinctly about the plot. It’s pretty simple and straightforward. The actual characters, however, are wonderfully complex. Maxx is running his life and his business entirely by himself. He is managing, but just barely and everything is in disarray. An older woman who is his friend convinces him to place an ad online, looking to hire somebody to assist him with things. Maxx hires a young guy named Charly who of course turns out to be a young woman named Charly who is broke and fleeing her life. When Maxx and Charly meet for the first time, it turns out to not be the first time they are meeting – Holy Moly, wait until you read about what happens with all that!

There are very good reasons Maxx is grumpy and growly. There are really good reasons Charly is in dire straits. It’s a well-structured and highly entertaining plot. The secondary characters add depth and even more texture to the story. But beyond all that, you should read this book for the delicious dialogue, the brilliant banter, the snark and the sass. Read it for the assorted giggles, loud laughs and snorty-exhalation type sounds that you’ll make as the story unfolds. Throw in some empathetic tears and enough steam to fill a large sauna, and you have a lot of reasons to enjoy this book.

And then to top it all off, read this book so you get to the exquisite epilogue. Melanie Moreland always writes amazing epilogues but this one is outstanding even for her. Just read the gosh dang book already!

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